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MONDiLAB is the place where professional makers come for innovation in the textile crafts. Here, designers, artists, (interior)architects, and experts translate their original works into new collections and brands in textile.

With our extensive expertise and international network MONDiLAB offers more possibilities. Our goal is to, together with designers, produce collections that we can market globally.

We stand for quality, sustainability, creativity, and craftsmanship and bring this together in a challenging and inspiring environment. Together with other pioneers, thinkers, and actors within the Brainport Eindhoven, MONDiLAB is a fertile breeding ground for innovative solutions.

As a tightknit family business MONDiLAB offers trust and involvement for an enjoyable and dynamic work environment.


innovative & solution orientated
efficient workflow
expertise & experience
insights into possibilities, developments, and trends

The labs’s features



We translate artistic quality into collections in textiles, both horizontally and vertically. In the LAB we have all state-of-the-art machines, techniques, expertise, and knowledge at our disposal to develop innovative textile projects.

Our focus lies on manual and industrial techniques like (3D-) weaving, embroidery, and laser cutting. Circular production –for example using recyclable yarns, biodegradable inks, and frames in recycled PET bottles- is increasingly more important here.

In addition to textile weaving (Gobelin and Jacquard) and embroidery, also in large sizes, we master many other disciplines. With us you can experiment in textile printing on a wide variety of luxury textiles, including pure wool. Exquisite upholstery and fashion fabrics are part of the possibilities. Wall-to-wall carpet printing on various luxury materials with a high capacity/durability is also our expertise. Additionally, almost all our textiles are fire retardant.


Luxury shawls, in silk or completely circular, we can produce too. Finally, we are experts in the printing of aluminium panels with a matt or gloss finish. Moreover, we make artisanal frames in our own workshop in various materials. In short, your creativity is done maximum justice here.



MONDiLAB is the LAB for designers, artists, and architects for sparring, and to realise their ideas in textiles through experiment.

MONDiLAB is exclusive, knowledge-intensive, thorough, sustainable, and it offers boundless possibilities for textile development and sales.

MONDiLAB combines technological and commercial knowledge with creativity and the original vision of designers, artists, and architects.

MONDiLAB produces high end interior upholstery and home textiles and knows how to successfully market this globally.

MONDiLAB thinks big and thinks differently: large sizes, special finishes, and luxury framing are all part of the possibilities.

MONDiLAB celebrates exclusivity. As curator, Nicole Uniquole ensures artistic quality, whereby all ideas and designs are treated confidentially.

MONDiLAB is decisive and thorough. This leads to short lead times from idea to experiment to final product.


Do you have a brilliant idea for the design of a wall tapestry or carpet? Can you envision it, how it is hung or rolled out, but you have no idea how to realise it?

Hold onto this vision and create it together with MONDiLAB. Focus on unlimited creativity and together with our experience and expertise in textiles and technology, your original vision will find its way to a complete collection and worldwide sales.

Explore new territory. With MONDiLAB you can brainstorm about the possibilities of setting up your own collection in an inspiring environment. In any application in textiles, the MONDiLAB is open to collaboration.

Send your idea or design proposal to or use our contact form. We guarantee confidential treatment of all requests.

We will contact you to discuss the technical and commercial aspects.

When we come to mutual enthusiasm regarding the possibilities of a collaboration, we will devise a concrete plan. Here we identify the experimental phase, a production phase, and a commercial phase.

Our art director Nicole Uniquole assesses whether an exclusive, limited, or numbered edition under the MONDiLAB label is possible. White labels and/or private labels are also an option.


At MONDiLAB you have various commercial channels at your disposal. High end, B2B and/or sales channels to a broader audience.

We look forward to a great collaboration!


This MONDiLAB portfolio shows the exclusive possibilities in the results of our collaborations with businesses, design studios, designers, and architects.


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