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Wendy Buiter X MONDiLAB

Art is about sharing what’s inside a human soul, using the language of aesthetics. While my inspiration comes from fashion and cosmetics, my art comes from the heart.

My artworks are a fusion of myself and the mixed mediums I work with—my intuition and personality melt together and drive my creativity—representing itself in confident depictions of beautiful, stylish women.

I believe that art stimulates thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and ideas through the senses. My hope is to engage with the dialogue of today’s beauty standards and society’s obsession with aesthetics, to make a bold, visual statement that activates awareness, inspires emotion, and compels viewers to look inward and feel the innate beauty and confidence within themselves.

Art is for everyone to enjoy.

For a textile collection I worked with MONDiLAB te get my work woven. The result is 4 works in 140 by 198 cm!

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